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Dyon & John

One of the things I tell every bride and groom is, when you're planning your engagement session, expect us to reschedule at least once because the weather is going to be crap. If we can expect this, then when we don't have to reschedule it's just that much sweeter, but most of all when we do reschedule, it's not like it was unexpected. 

Originally Dyon & John were going to meet me at my house in Olympia and then we were going to drive out to the Washington Coast and hit up Pacific Beach, Seabrook and Mocrocks. Such a perfect concoction! Well when the beginning of May rolled around, the forecast decided to screw up our plans (what's new?). We decided at 9pm the night before that we were going to reschedule. I ended up going out to Seabrook the next morning anyways for the last day of clam digging season, and at least at 7am the weather was beautiful, absolutely perfect for photos; 65º, no wind, a thin layer of clouds and that beautiful smell of the sea. I seriously thought about grabbing my 15 razor clams, calling them, driving back home, grabbing my gear, and driving back out, but then reality set in and I realized it's the Washington Coast, there was a 99.99% chance that those current conditions weren't going to last another couple of hours. 

We ended up rescheduling for a weekday evening in early June at the Nisqually Wildlife Refuge, a place that none of us had been before. Looking at the pictures below, you'll see that it was a great decision! I'll definitely be going back in the future!

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