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This wedding was a special one to me. For three years, Casey and I were inseparable, floating the river on an almost daily basis, building bmx tracks, snowmobiling, or just watching ESPN and eating 30 Otter Pops in a sitting. Then I moved and we lost touch. 

Fast forward eight years later, Casey & Emma ask me to be their wedding photographer, which I was more than honored to accept! Other than my wedding, I can't remember one that "got me" more than Casey & Emma's. So to put it simply, thank you! I couldn't have been more happy to photography a more beautiful day!

Casey & Emma's wedding was held at Casey's parents (Rich & Katie) house in Carlton, WA, which is located in the southern half of the Methow Valley. For all you Seattle folks, it's pronounced "Met-how", not "Meth-how". Sorry, just had to say that! Rich & Katie's house sits on a few acres along the Methow River, which is one of the most beautiful rivers in the state, if not the most! The wedding was extremely well decorated, with everything handmade by Casey, Emma, and their family and friends. 

Overall, it was a beautiful ceremony with a true Methow party for the reception, including a live band, Coor's Light, and an unknown number of liquor bottles. 

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