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Day 4

As you read in the post from Day 3 (you did read that, right?), yesterdays driving was cut short due to poor driving conditions, so I pulled off the road at Peck Gulch Campground in NW Montana. When I arrived it was pitch black, and I simply just found a spot to park my car. When I woke up this morning, this was my view.

Pretty sweet spot for camping, huh? I was pretty happy about it! I spent the next couple of hours shooting a time lapse, re-packing the car and going for a swim in the surprisingly warm lake. It was a great way to start another long and rainy day.

I hit the road and headed north to BC, where I stopped in Fernie to grab some food and access the internet. After a hot chocolate, cheeseburger and four hours of internet access, I hopped back in the car for a couple more hours of driving over Crowsnest Pass, crossed over the border into Alberta, and made a quick stop at Lundbreck Falls. The falls were pretty cool, but photography was difficult due to rain, wind and mist from the falls. 

Feeling defeated, thanks to rain, wind, construction and poor photo opportunities, I started the final leg of my drive to Waterton, AB. This last leg of the drive was unreal. I was finally in the Canadian Rockies and everywhere I looked I was in awe. Unfortunately there aren't too many photos to share due to the poor weather, but it was still an extremely enjoyable drive. It was capped off with the view in Waterton, a small lake town nestled inside Waterton-Glacier National Peace Park, surrounded by multiple 8,000+ foot peaks. 

I spent a couple hours driving around town and then headed up to Cameron Lake, a glacial lake that sits at 5,400 feet. On the way up I came across a couple waterfalls, two brown bears and one mama black bear with three cubs. At the top I was greeted by a lake that was covered in clouds, allowing me to only see to what I presume to be about 75% of the lake. Didn't matter to me though, the wildlife and waterfalls made that drive worth it.

After three hours of driving up and down Cameron Lake, I went back into town, found a nice fireside lounge with a decent selection of draft beers, and watched the Mariners lose to the Yankees in extra innings. 

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