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Day 2

I'm going to start off my sequence of blogs with this; I am so grateful to have this opportunity. To be in the position that I can take this time off, to have been asked by Matt and Allexia to be their Wedding photographer in Yellowstone National Park, to have friends willing to loan me some amazing gear, and most of all, to have a wife who gives me 100% support in all of my crazy endeavors. I'm only a couple of days into this trip, but I'm already humbled by this experience.

So you might be wondering "Where is Day 1 on the blog?". Day 1 was spent camping with family in Lincoln Rock State Park, just outside Wenatchee. I didn't pull the camera out because I wanted to focus on hanging out with the fam. 

Day 2 was full of adventures though! I packed up my car, set it up for a couple weeks of car camping, and was on my way. I left Lincoln Rock State Park at about 2pm Sunday and headed to Palouse Falls. I decided to take a little detour on the way to check out Potholes Reservoir and the Columbia National Wildlife Refuge. Once I got to the Potholes Reservoir I decided to take a quick drive up a hill to get a good view. I couldn't find a good viewpoint, but I did find a beautiful field of yellow flowers. Eventually I continued out east and landed at Palouse Falls, where I was met by two sets of campers who were both extremely into photo and video. One guy is a hang-glider from British Columbia, who last year launched from Lake Chelan and landed in St. John in just over 6 hours. He uses his camera gear to take photos from his hang-gliding trips as well as focuses on landscape photography. The other gentleman goes by the name Johnny Beach. He travels around the world and does adventure photography, timelapses and aerial video. He even showed me his DJI Inspire 1, the newest and most hyped drone in the past three months. Johnny and his family just got back from Africa where he was shooting aerial film for a Safari company.

After a couple hours of geeking out about photo + video gear, I ate a quick dinner (granola, yogurt, blueberries and banana), grabbed my gear and took the quick five minute walk to the overlook of Palouse Falls. As the sun was going down a storm rolled into the south end of the Palouse, creating an amazing backdrop for photos. I ended up taking both photo and video of the falls for over two hours. Eventually I felt a huge gust of wind coming from the south, up the canyon. I quickly packed up my gear and started to head back to the car. Within 1 minute, it was pouring rain and I had a thunderstorm right above me, while holding two aluminum tripods, just asking to get struck! Haha. I quickly made it back to the car and promptly dove right in and closed the doors. 

I then thought it would be best to get a head start on the next day by driving towards Steptoe Butte. The next hour of driving was illuminated only by my headlights and enormous lightning strikes all around me. I arrived to Colfax, WA at about 11:30 where I ended up sleeping in the Best Western parking lot. 

Stay tuned, there's more to come tomorrow.