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Alright, I promise Discovery Park isn't the only place I take photos! I always ask where you would like to take photos, and if unsure I make a few suggestions. As the pattern shows, Discovery Park is always on the suggestion list. That being said, you'll notice that these photos from Alec & Amanda's Engagement Session look drastically different than the last two blog posts. That's because Discovery Park has everything you're looking for in a natural setting.

Alec & Amanda did an amazing job in front of the camera. They're chose outfits they feel both comfortable and confident in, they didn't bring a bunch of extra "baggage", and they were playful with each other. Posing is definitely a part of engagement photos, but you being yourselves is more important. Crack jokes, kiss each other, pick her up and spin her around, play. These two did just that, and it's what made these photos great!